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Hi, I'm Enas Carroll

I help single women heal their love wounds, gain self love and confidence, so they can attract the love life of their dreams.

As a love coach, energy healer, and trained facilitator in various modalities, I will work with you to:

  • Heal your childhood and relationship traumas affecting your love life.

  • Uncover and transform all fears and resistances to building a happy romantic relationship.

  • Replace all negative subconscious beliefs into positive supportive beliefs.

  • Detach and heal energetically, releasing unwanted energy chords and attachments.

  • Develop a love affair with yourself.

  • Set clear intention for the love life of your dreams.

  • Effortlessly attract the perfect partner to you.

    This is your time and I'm here support you on this journey!

I will help you with your:

Subconscious Beliefs

Clarity and mindset

Vibration and energy

My values and approach

I've always believed that no problem or challenge is insurmountable, and I assure you I had my share of challenges and heartaches. My own journey of self healing from traumas and heartache, guided me to train in many modalities which I use on a daily basis to help me be aligned with my goals and live life fully.

My focus is on the root cause of the challenge, whether it's a belief, energy entanglements, or plain old fear and resistances, we can repeat affirmations all day long, but unless we release whatever is hindering our progress we will keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.

It's my passion and life purpose to help women release what's blocking them from experiencing pure, delicious healthy love, release the blocks with love, fall in love with themselves and attract happy, nurturing fulfilling relationships.

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"The shifts I've had from one belief coding session with Enas have been amazing!

My session with Enas focused on giving and receiving love, and raising my self worth. Enas gave me the space

and tools to change this belief.

The memory attached was difficult and upsetting but she made me feel supported and safe throughout.

The shifts from the session were instant. My low self worth dissipated and I felt light and a sense of comfort in

my own skin. I feel confident and comfortable in the company of others, which is something I have struggled

with my whole life.

Since the session, I have had people (family, friends and work collogues) vocalising their love for me on a daily basis! Most importantly, I have been able to accept this love and openly share mine with others. It feels amazing! before this session my go to emotion was sadness but this has shifted to pure joy!" E.A

"I recently began a new partnership and noticed a recurring relationship pattern for me come up of being extremely anxious and catastrophizing the worst outcomes in my mind. I booked for a session with Enas to find and change the roots of these unconscious beliefs that have caused me to sabotage many romances. Enas is kind and clear-sighted. She found the core wounds that I needed support with and her process of healing and integrating these are deep and profound. She is very talented and I feel so much more secure and confident about it all now. Would highly recommend her work." Elizabeth M.

"Enas has helped me hugely in recognising some beliefs that were stopping me from putting myself out there.

the new beliefs we coded in have been working their magic and I’ve been manifesting loads of opportunities to get out there and connect. It’s the first step but I’m really happy that I’m asking for what I want and need and

being heard. Yey! Enas, you hold a beautiful space where I felt really honoured and seen. Thank you so so much

for helping me unearth some deep seated limiting beliefs and upgrading them to super amazing ones that continue to help me daily" Danielle