I have transformed my love life, and can do the same for you

I'm a love coach, energy healer and accredited facilitator in a number of healing modalities.

My journey of self discovery and healing has been challenging and filled with unnecessary pain and suffering.

Knowing what I know now I know I had to go through what I went through to get here, still there's a part of me that wishes I ha these resources and knowledge back then, so that journey could have been a bit easier.

I offer you years of my tested and tried methods, to heal and transform your love life without having to go through the same experiences I did an at light speed!

In 2008 I was a shell of a person, convinced I will never find love, having developed hypothyroidism, severe anxieties , IBS and numerous ulcers, my life was falling apart before my eyes.

I was convinced something was seriously wrong with me, I kept falling for the wrong person after the other, with every failed relationship I felt a part of me shatters, all of my fears confirmed, I felt I wasn't worthy of being loved, anyone who crosses paths with me with either cheat on me, leave me or treat me like dirt.

I turned to reading books, practicing yoga and energy healing, the more healing I experienced the better I felt physically and emotionally. Around 2012 I became passionate about self help and healing, I went to class after class, learning as much as I can about how we work, and what makes it so easy for one person to attract whatever they want while the majority of people struggle just with the basics. It seemed at the time as if I'm constructing a puzzle made of a 1000 piece, every piece hidden within a modality or a book. In 2015 something clicked, I found the last piece and I started applying everything I've learnt, lo and behold everything changed.

2020, I moved to the UK with my husband of 3 years. We celebrated our 5th year anniversary last November/December, we have so many anniversaries we celebrate when we feel like it, and yes, we've been married once but we had so many ceremonies we lost track. Looking back at the version of me in 2008 who would think the life I live right now is not even possible, the version of me in 2012 who thought this life is possible but not probable, I'm filled with gratitude for the lessons I've learnt and everything I have right now. It's my passion to help women transform their love lives easily and as quickly as possible. It's your time gorgeous and I'm here to hold your hand and help you find the last piece of your puzzle.

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Enas Carroll is an internationally accredited coach, belief coding™️ facilitator, Master EFT & TFT practitioner, Meditation facilitator, trained and certified in (Basic, Advanced, Crystal & Psychotherapy) Pranic healing, Reiki healer, Divine union practitioner, Law of attraction practitioner and Advanced Ho'oponopono practitioner.